Summer Maintenance Tips

Here are some helpful summer maintenance tips to keep your home in great shape. These tips are important when keeping a future sale in mind. A well maintained home keeps your future costs down and minimizes problems with potential home buyers.


Examine and repair caulking of the windows, stucco, and trim (to prevent water, dust, dirt and insects from entering your home)
Examine paint on siding, trim, and doors (paint is essential for protection and appearance)
Clean and remove debris from gutters if present
Examine roof for loose, cracked, or missing shingles/tiles and repair as necessary
Trim trees and shrubs away from home, including roof


Examine and repair caulking at the windows for weatherization and insect control
Close the chimney damper to improve air conditioning efficiency
Clean and wax or oil cabinets to protect the finish
Examine and repair/replace (if needed) weather stripping on exterior doors and windows to reduce energy costs
Examine and repair bath tile grouting, if needed, to prevent moisture damage
Lubricate and adjust locks, hinges and latches
Examine window locks for proper operation and repair as needed
Adjust registers (balance flow) for cooling
Lubricate garage door roller shafts (not tracks) and tighten bolts
Examine cabinets, drawers, and hinges for proper alignment - tighten and adjust as necessary
Clean dryer vent duct and damper to remove any lint or obstructions
Have your a/c or heat pump, and/or evaporative cooler cleaned and serviced by a qualified technician
Replace heat pump or a/c filters



**Courtesy of 604Inspectors

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